Precinct Caucuses

Tuesday, February 27, 2024, is a special date for grassroots democracy in Minnesota. That evening, DFL precinct caucuses are held state-wide and are open to all Democrats.  These voter-driven meetings are a great way to get involved in the democratic process and make your voice heard—even if you’ve never been to a political meeting before. Be sure to attend the caucus specific for the precinct that you live in!!  Here is a map with the location of all precinct caucuses in Beltrami County. If you don't know which precinct you live, in, here is a link to find your precinct meeting place:



See you on caucus night, Feb. 27!!

Beltrami County DFL


For candidates

Precinct caucus rules

for all DFL partisan and non-partisan candidates whose districts include a portion of Beltrami County


Candidates (and single, designated surrogates) are invited and encouraged to attend and table at the 5 precinct caucus sites.  The Unit maintains strict campaign neutrality per the following rules. 


1.  Signage placement and tabling starts no sooner than 6 pm and never before the site coordinator indicates that the designated space is available.


2.  At each site, the Unit provides a designated table(s) for all candidate literature in the common area.  First come, first serve, but available tabling space is re-proportioned as needed to create equal space for all participating campaigns.


3.  Signage is restricted to common spaces.  Candidates may have up to 8 square feet of signage space.  This can be one large sign or a combination of smaller sizes not to exceed 8 square feet. Blue tape must be used to hang signs on walls to eliminate any damage and show respect for the site. No outdoor signage is permitted.  


4.  Campaigns may not place material on any table or surface in the areas used by an individual precinct including the caucus registration desk(s), caucus handouts table(s), and caucus meeting table(s).


5.  Attendees arriving with literature, buttons and the like may hand out such items to willing recipients throughout the caucus areas before 7:00 pm.


6.  The Unit does not want to unintentionally intimidate any attendee. As such, the Unit maintains a continuous and neutral welcome to all attendees throughout the caucus.   Therefore, official caucus volunteers (e.g., greeters, registrars, convenors, caucus chairs, cashiers, etc.) may not wear clothing or insignia promoting a candidate nor distribute campaign literature for or otherwise promote a candidate while carrying out their official duties.  For example, if a volunteer is wearing a campaign shirt, they are required to turn it inside out while performing their official duties on caucus night.  However, those actions or activities are allowed before or after completion of official activities. 


7.  Individual precincts decide who may speak at their caucus.  Candidates (or a single, designated surrogate per caucus site), may directly address a caucus while in session.  Interruptions are not allowed during any active nomination or vote.  Total speaking and question time is limited to 2 min.  If more than one precinct is meeting in a single room, the candidate must wait until there is no active nomination or vote and then limit total speaking time to 2 min total per that room.  


8.  Candidates or designated surrogates may take photos of the Precinct Caucus Reports, but under no circumstance are they allowed to handle the reports or remove them from the caucus meeting tables.


9.  The Beltrami County DFL is not responsible for preservation or transportation of campaign signage or other materials after the caucus adjourns.


For those issues not explicitly spelled out, please always adhere to the spirit of neutrality.


Thank you.


Beltrami County DFL