For 75 years the Minnesota DFL has worked to elect strong political leaders who will work to improve the lives of everyday Minnesotans. We believe that every Minnesotan has a right to stable employment with fair wages, to a proper education, to accessible and affordable healthcare, to live in safe communities, to inhabit a livable planet and to retire with dignity and security. Read the Minnesota State DFL Platform to learn more.

Our DFL Regional Headquarters is located at 1510 Bemidji Avenue N, Bemidji, Minnesota. Until the 2020 November election, the office is open at minimum every day 11am - 1 pm except for Sundays.

The Beltrami County DFL is your local organizing unit, staffed by an all-volunteer team of officers and directors. We are governed by a written Constitution. Our current elected officials are:

Officers (term expires in 2023): Chair: Curtiss Hunt; Vice Chair: Mary Forney; Outreach Officer: Charles Dolson; Treasurer: John Henningsgaard; and Secretary: Carole Kelly

Directors (term expires in 2022): Lynn Eaton; Laura Fairbanks; Valerie Field; Linda Gross; Monica Hansmeyer; Mark Morrissey; Kristin Neises; Steven Nelson (who also serves as a State Central Committee ("SCC") alternate; Tyler Oppegaard-Peltier; Christian Taylor-Johnson and Jesse Whiting.

Other Elected Positions: Lin Ward (SCC Alternate); Pam McCrory (Vice Chair of Senate District 2); and Mike Simpkins (Congressional District 7 Director).

Our Executive Committee meets monthly to organize the unit's activities. The Committee consists of our Officers and Directors, plus Pam McCrory and Mike Simpkins. The Committee typically meets on the second Monday of each month from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm at our DFL Regional Headquarters located at 1510 Bemidji Avenue N, Bemidji.

Contact: You may contact the Chair at (218) 308-7473 or beltramidfl@gmail.com.