2020 Convention

These are trying times given the worldwide health emergency caused by COVID-19. It continues to force changes in the procedures of the Beltrami County DFL, particularly as they relate to our 2020 Convention. The Minnesota State DFL Executive Committee has decided that all 2020 organizing unit conventions will be via an online balloting system. This means that the Beltrami County Convention that was scheduled for April 4, 2020 has been cancelled and voting will be conducted electronically. In addition, only essential, time-sensitive activities will be considered. For our Unit these are:

  • Selection of up to 20 Resolutions to forward to the State Platform Committee.
  • Election of five delegates and five alternates to the 7th Congressional District (CD) and State DFL Conventions.
  • Election of two delegates and two alternates to the 8th CD and State DFL Conventions.

An overview of the process and timeline is given below and subsequent emails to delegates and alternates will provide specific details. Note that some activities overlap in time.

Part 1. Email confirmation

  • 1A (March 29): Beltrami County Convention delegate and alternate email confirmation. Your email address is vital for the online voting system. Therefore, all delegates and alternates elected at the precinct caucuses on Feb. 25, must response to an email to confirm the best email address for them to be reached. They will also be asked whether they have extenuating circumstances such that voting by phone becomes their backup option (and requires the Unit Chair to cast the ballot for them).
  • 1B (April 01): Email follow-up. The Beltrami County DFL will call or text each delegate who has not yet responded to confirm their email address.
  • 1C (April 05): Beltrami County Convention delegate roster. The Beltrami County DFL will upload the roster of delegates elected at the precinct caucuses for submission to MN DFL party staff who oversee the balloting process.

Part 2. Notice to candidates for delegate slots to the Congressional District (CD) and State DFL conventions. Two delegates and two alternates will be elected to the CD8 convention; a separate five delegates and five alternates will be elected to the CD7 convention. They will be elected by delegates to the Beltrami County Convention who live in the relevant CD. The same seven CD delegates (and alternates) will be delegates (and alternates) to the State DFL convention.

  • 2A (March 29): Notification of candidates. The Unit will notify delegates who were elected at the precinct caucuses to submit their information to the Unit if they wish to run as a delegate to the CD and State conventions. The notification will clearly identify the data that the candidate must submit in order to appear on the ballot.
  • 2B (March 30-April 10): Candidate declaration. Candidates for CD and State DFL conventions will declare and submit the required data by email to the Unit by the April 10 deadline.
  • 2C (April 11): Candidate list submission. The Unit will upload the final candidate list for online ballot preparation.

Part 3. Resolutions.

  • 3A ( April 01-06): Resolutions preparation. The Beltrami County DFL Resolutions Committee will review and consolidate resolutions as appropriate for presentation on the ballot.
  • 3B (April 07): Resolutions upload. The Committee will upload resolutions to State staff for ballot preparation.

Part 4 (April 20): Ballot validation. The Beltrami County DFL will validate the online ballot prepared by State DFL staff.

Part 5. Voting.

  • 5A (April 25) Password. Delegates will be provided a unique password to access their ballot.
  • 5B (April 25-May 04): Balloting. All alternates elected at precinct caucuses will be automatically upgraded to full voting delegates for this online balloting per the decision of the MN DFL Party Executive Committee. Delegates will cast ballots online over a 10-day period. Delegates are strongly encouraged to case their ballots sooner rather than later. The Unit Chair will provide instructions and answer questions on how to fill out the ballot. The Unit Chair will get daily updates regarding who has submitted a ballot and will take reasonable means to further contact the delegates who have not voted. Candidates for Congressional District / State Convention delegate must be gender-balanced and will be decided by a plurality vote.
  • Voting by phone will be an option available only when online access is unavailable or the delegate is uncomfortable with computer technology. When this option is used, the Unit Chair will be given a link to a specific ballot that allows the Chair to record the name of the person who calls in their ballot choices, the person (Chair) who took the call, when the call occurred (date and time), and to certify that the Chair recorded the ballot accurately.
  • 5C (May 11): Certification. Voting results are certified by the Beltrami County DFL Unit. The DFL staff will pass on the highest ranking resolutions to the Platform Standing Committee and the delegate lists on to the CD7 and CD8 leadership.

The Minnesota DFL elects 75 pledged delegates and 6 pledged alternates to the Democratic National Convention to be held July 13 through July 16, 2020 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Click here for information on how to run to become a delegate.